Sweet Potato Egg Baskets

Sweet Potatoes and Eggs

The sweet potato is a beautiful thing–sweet, starchy, vitamin-packed. The egg–a deliciously savory breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) option offering a blank canvas of opportunities. Combine sweet potato and eggs and it’s a sure winner for any meal.

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Daily Wake Up Workout

Wake Up. Workout.

How many of us jump out of bed–with or without a snooze button first–and go straight to our daily activities? Straight from bed to teeth brushing to breakfast to go-go-go. Next thing you know, it is 5p, dinner needs to be made, chores need to be done, and the day is gone without a workout.

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Biscuits and Blueberries

Gluten Free Biscuits with Blueberry Compote

Biscuits and Blueberries for Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday mornings are for Food Network and coffee. Weekends also mean that the dog wakes me up early (maybe she’s just training me for future kiddos) around 6:30 or 7a. So I get myself up and out of bed, make my coffee, feed the dog, and take her for her morning walk. After checking emails and surfing Instagram for far too long, I usually turn on Food Network to see what’s cooking, literally.

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Push Up Progressions

A Variety of Push Up movements (with VIDEO!)

Push Ups Are the BEST

I love push ups. The push up is the BEST full body exercise incorporating upper, lower, core, stability, and strength into one single movement. My clients know that they will probably be doing at least 10 push ups (and squats) during every workout.

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