30 Day Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge

I LOVE squats. I think squats are one of the best bodyweight movements. They challenge the entire body, utilize multiple joints, and can be modified in so many ways. I figured what better time than to start a new challenge than the beginning of a new month! Are you ready for 30 days of killer legs?!

Follow Along

I will be posting a video on Instagram with each day’s squat variation. Follow along for information on the squat of the day. Take the challenge and modify as needed. I have planned some rest days so your legs can take a break. Add these movements to your daily routine/workout. Some require a dumbbell or two. Print out the challenge and post it on your fridge or bathroom mirror or save it to your phone. Whatever you need to do to motivate and follow along!

30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1

We start with the Simple Squat. Focus on form: weight on the heels (wiggle your toes), hips back, core tight, chest high, knees behind your toes. Break down your 100 throughout the day. Take your time to be sure to have good form. Feel that booty burn!

30 day squat challenge

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