5 Essential Pieces of Equipment For Your Home Gym

Home Gym Equipment

Life gets busy. Going to the gym isn’t always an option. Don’t let that be an excuse for skipping your workout! Continue reading to find out what I believe are the 5 essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. You will never get bored with your at-home workout program if you have these 5 items at hand–and you will never have an excuse to skip your workout!

Being Realistic About Workouts

I work at a gym. I have A LOT of equipment at hand when I’m at work. However, I’m not always into being at work when I’m not working, ya feel me? Would you want to go into the office on your day off? I didn’t think so. So let’s be realistic here and say that home workouts can be a great option when you just aren’t feeling like going to the gym or heading outside for a run (especially when it is 100+ degrees outside!).

Home workouts are often quick and simple yet very effective. I try to hit all major muscles groups during my home workouts as well as add high intensity bursts to elevate my heart rate. Working out at home is not an excuse for me to be lazy or light with my workouts. I can create my own home gym with the equipment that I have and still get a kick ass workout done, and usually under 30 minutes!

Home Gym Benefits

I’m not saying that gyms are useless and you shouldn’t go. I’m saying that sometimes working out at home is a lot more realistic (time-wise) than getting in the car and driving to your gym. There are plenty of benefits to having a good collection of equipment for your home gym:

  1. It is right there at any time. No need to drive anywhere or even get out of your pajamas! (Yeah, sometimes I work out in my PJs)
  2. Quick and simple workouts. No waiting on equipment, no running around the gym finding what you need. Quick, simple, effective workouts.
  3. Immediate pre and post-workout fuel! Ok maybe this is just me who is excited about it, but you’e got your pre and post workout food right there waiting for you when you’re done!
  4. Focused and uninterrupted. Keep yourself on track. Minimal distractions at your home gym…aka nobody gabbing or chit-chatting.

Of course, being around people at the gym and utilizing different (probably more expensive) equipment is important as well. I love playing with all the fun toys at the gym that maybe I can’t afford or don’t have room for at home. However, when the gym isn’t always an option, the home gym can be just as fun and effective.

5 Essential Pieces of Fitness Equipment for Your Home Workouts

5 Essential Pieces of Equipment for your Home Gym

  1. Stopwatch: A stopwatch is always a good tool to have. You can use your watch or download a fancy app that will signal intervals. Timed workouts and timed intervals are great for high intensity work and quick (but still intense) workouts. (Stopwatch workout example)
  2. Dumbbells (1 light set, 1 heavy set): Dumbbells are perfect for resistance training. You can pick up dumbbell sets at any sporting goods store or even find them used. Don’t get them shipped…particularly the heavy ones! I suggest a lighter set (2–8lbs) and a heavier set (12–25lbs). (Dumbbell workout example)
  3. Resistance Band (light, medium, heavy): Resistance bands can be used so many different ways. Use them like you would dumbbells or get more functional with them. Intensity can be measured by the band resistance and the amount of distance from the floor to the handles. The wider your feet and heavier the band, the greater the resistance. (Resistance Band workout example)
  4. Jump Rope: I LOVE jump ropes. Jump ropes are super portable so you can even pack them when you go away on vacation or if you want to run with it to the park for a quick circuit. Simple jump roping will get the heart rate up very quickly and can add some extra cardio to a strength circuit. Don’t want to buy a jump rope? Pretend and you’ll still get a great workout! (Jump rope for 2 minutes straight….see how that feels)
  5. Bodyweight: Last but not least is your own bodyweight. A lot of folks underestimate the power of the body and what you can do to challenge yourself. Using your bodyweight allows you to focus on form and functionality of each movement. Several bodyweight moves utilize multiple joints and muscle groups and can really pack a punch. Try this circuit real quick, wherever you are, and try to tell me you didn’t get your heart rate up: 20 squats, 10 squat jumps, 20 push ups, 10 burpees (no rest!). All four of those movements can be done anytime and anywhere. You can workout ANYWHERE with just your bodyweight and still kick your own butt!




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