8 Ways to Stay on Track When Life Gets CRAZY!

8 Tips to stay on track with your wellness goals

Stay on Track

Hey there, 100 degrees….it’s great to see you! NOT.

So it officially feels like summer time. It’s hotter than heck, vacations are taking place, traffic is lighter during rush hour, and those tan lines are looking good! Maybe your regular wellness routine is on a little summer vacation as well? I know mine is. It is still important to stay on track with your goals even if life gets busy or motivation to stay active and eat well is not so high as it was 4 or 5 months ago.

We all go through the lulls of motivation. The heat of the summer usually puts me in a funk because I do NOT want to be exercising outside. And if I am outside, I want to be in a cold pool, with a cold drink, and eating a BBQ. Who’s with me?

Retrace Your Steps

Are you still as motivated about your goals as you were in January? Are you popping out of bed with the alarm? Or are you getting a little extra snooze time and a little more BBQ in the belly?

Go ahead and think back to those resolution/goals you set in January. Think about ALL that work you have done up to now. Do you really want to undo it all? Sure, get a little lax about it, but don’t let all that work go to waste! Retrace your steps and remind yourself all you’ve done to get here. Give yourself a little pat on the back, tell yourself you enjoy the vacation, but keep up the great work!

8 Ways to Stay on Track

Whether it is summer vacation on the beach, winter vacation with the family, or simply a busy time of year, when routine gets out of whack, we usually lose track. Here are 8 simple ways to stay on track without being the party pooper on your vacation!

  1. START HEALTHY: Start your morning healthy. What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you exercise in the morning? Do you meditate or journal in the morning? If you begin your day–whether vacation time or not–with healthy habits, chances are you will continue the rest of the day making healthy choices. Although the donut looks delicious, think about your goals and ask yourself if it is really worth it?
  2. MAKE TIME FOR MOVEMENT: Make time for activity on your vacation or if life is just simply too busy to get your regular workout done. Go for a swim in the ocean, or take a walk on the beach. Take the time to have MINDFUL movement during your days.
  3. CHECK OUT YOUR OPTIONS: If you are going on vacation, see if where you are staying has a fitness center. If not, scan the area on Google maps or search for walking/running routes. Neither of those an option? Do some bodyweight movements in your room!
  4. MAKE A PLAN: So you know you want to work out and you know the options you have. Now make a plan! Write your plan for each day. This is a great one to do whether you are on vacation or during your regular work week. Sit down before your week begins and decide what days you are exercising and what you will be doing each day. No excuses when it is planned out!
  5. SLEEP: Vacation is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest time. Kick your feet up and take a nap or sleep in 30 minutes later than normal. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule that allows for 7-8 hours of quality sleep.
  6. MENU SCAN: Going out to dinner every night while you are away? If you know the restaurants you will be going to, check the menus online beforehand. Have an idea of what you will choose (hopefully the healthier choice!) so you will not be surprised by any temptations on the menu.
  7. SCHEDULE YOUR “YOU” TIME: If you are used to having some alone time each day, be sure to stick with it during vacation. Take 10 minutes each day for some “you” time.
  8. BRING YOUR OWN…: Countless backyard BBQs aren’t very kind on the waistline if you are constantly eating the chips and dips and grilled hot dogs. Bring your own lean proteins to grill or offer to prepare veggie kebabs or salad. Nobody is going to be mad about more food!


Stay cool, folks!

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