Sizzling Summer Series: Always Do Push Ups

Always Do Push Ups

Sizzling Summer Series: Part 4

Welcome to week TWO of the Sizzling Summer Series workouts! Have you complete days one, two, and three? If not, head back a few posts and start with week one, day one workout. If you are ready for week two, keep on reading! Sizzling Summer Series workout Four is all about PUSH UPS! As I mentioned in post one, Mondays will focus on upper body, Wednesday will work mostly lower body, and Fridays will intensify cardio and core. Get ready for the arm shredder workout of the day!

Always Do Push Ups

I LOVE push ups and I believe they are one of the most versatile, efficient, and effective move. When done correctly (back straight, abs tight, chest working), the entire body is activated. If you are short on time and need a quick activity boost, ALWAYS DO PUSH UPS. Drop down and do 10 push ups right now. Wake up in the morning and do 10 push ups. Seriously, add push ups to your daily routine and you will feel your overall strength improve rapidly.

Todays workout incorporates several different styles of push ups. All of the push up variations can be found on Push Up Progressions. If you are new to push ups, go back and review that post for proper form. Always modify if necessary by using a higher incline or dropping to your knees.

Notes on Push Up Form

A few quick pointers on proper push up form:

  1. Maintain a strong core to keep your spine in a straight line during the entire exerciser. Keep the head and neck straight and activate the legs to keep the hips up. Create one straight line from the crown of your head to your heels.
  2. Utilize all muscles through the chest to press yourself back up. Press firmly into the floor to activate the muscles connecting your right hand to your left hand.
  3. Keep the shoulders separated. By pressing through the chest, your shoulder blades will remain separated and minimize pressure on the neck.

The Workout

Let’s get those guns firing! Grab a set of dumbbells or a band for the basic standing movements. Refer back to Push Up Progressions for tutorials on the push up variations. To modify, use an incline or drop to your knees and stick with the standard push up the entire time. Maintain a strong core and a straight spine during all movements. If you are hesitant or unsure about any movements, wait to perform with a professional guiding you.

The second half of the workout is ALL CORE. Some notes on the core moves:

  1. Plank hold: Place palms directly below shoulders and hold plank. Spine is straight and hips are in line with shoulders. Pull your belly button towards your spine.
  2. Low plank hold: Perform plank on forearms
  3. Hover hold: Drop into a half push up and hold.
  4. Flutter kick: Lay down on your back and bring feet into the air over hips. Flutter kick your feet as if swimming. Every time the right foot comes forward counts as 1 rep.

all upper body workout

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