Avocado Toast Everyday

3 DELICIOUS avocado toast combinations

The Avocado Toast Struggle is Real

Who doesn’t love avocado? Who doesn’t love bread? Who doesn’t love the two together?!?! Avocado toast is all the rage right now and I’m really diggin’ it. I don’t eat bread on a regular basis, but when I do, I like it toasted, smothered in avo, and sprinkled with tasty toppings. Now, I probably shouldn’t eat bread because it can mess with my stomach, BUT I like sourdough bread and since Michael Pollan talked about it in his docu-seriesĀ Cooked, I’m ok with it every once in awhile. Oh, and if you haven’t watched that series or read any of his books, GET ON IT. He’s great.

Avocados are great but they can get so dang expensive! So sometimes, I opt for the Trader Joe’s Avocado spread that doesn’t have any funky ingredients in it. Every now and then I buy avos but it’s the never ending struggle of waiting for THE PERFECT MOMENT to eat it or else it goes bad. Like instantly. So I usually only buy one at a time so they don’t go to waste. But, hot damn, they are delicious in everything!

The Toast with the Most

Avocado toast isĀ so hot right now (say that in a Zoolander voice). It’s on menus in the fanciest of places and all over the ‘gram (aka Instagram). #ToastTuesday is even a thing! I love it. Avocado toast is simply the best. AND it’s the best blank canvas to test out so many flavors. Paired with the right fixins, avocado toast can be an entire meal.

3 DELICIOUS avocado toast combinations

Three tasty Avocado Toasts to try:

  • The Fancy: Avo, Arugula, Crispy prosciutto (or bacon), Lemon Juice
  • The Clean and Simple: Avo, Crumbled hard boiled egg, Sea salt
  • The Sweetness: Avo, Pomegranate seed, Crumbled goat cheese, Balsamic drizzle

Try those combos and experiment with your own! These can easily be made gluten free with GF bread OR a toasted sweet potato slice. Or wrap it up in a corn tortilla! Avocado toast is so versatile and a great snack or even a full meal if paired with a yummy lean protein like chicken or turkey. Test out your favorite flavors and comment below with your creations!


Try out this sweet potato toast for a gluten free option! Simply cut a sweet potato length wise in 1/4 inch slices. Put it in the toaster or toaster over for about 5 minutes or until they are cooked through and soft. You may need to turn over half way through or add some more time. Top the sweet potato slice with smashed avocado and your favorite toppings!

Here is The Sweetness on sweet potato:

Gluten free avocado toast


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