Band and Body

A simple and sweaty workout using only one piece of equipment. Be sure the band is securely under the bottom of your feet with curls, lunges, upright rows, and squats. Nobody wants a band slap!

Full Body workout using only ONE piece of equipment!

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Curls: Band securely under one or two feet and curl both arms simultaneously.

Lunges: Band securely under front foot, step other foot back and stationary lunge straight up and down for 10 each leg.

Upright Row: Band securely under one foot, pull elbows up keeping palms facing body and drawing up the zipper line. Wrists stay straight and below elbows.

Squats: Band securely under both feet, feet hip width distance apart, band curled at sides or held up by shoulders.

Read Delt. Extensions: Band held in both hands, the more slack the easier. Keep wrists neutral and pull band apart to engage rear delts and rhomboids.

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