You Against the Clock

Clock your Cardio

Cardio is not the most exciting thing to do at the gym. I’m the last person you’ll see sitting on a cardio machine for 45 minutes at a steady pace. However, getting the heart rate elevated and getting a good sweat is important to overall health and fitness. I’ve tried to find different ways to get my cardio in that don’t require minutes on end of steady state walking or stair climbing (but I will do it if I have to!)

The Faster You Run…

My clients hear me say all the time, “the faster you run, the faster it’s done”. More hanging around makes for a much longer workout. Well, lucky for you, I’m giving you a time cap on today’s workout. So the faster you run, the better you do! The goal is to get the most rounds as possible within the allotted time. Start with a warm up pace and then get faster through each round. The quick change from cardio to light strength will maintain an elevated yet steady heart rate throughout the workout.

So grab your stopwatch and set it for 25 minutes! It’s you against the clock!

You Against The Clock

Use a treadmill or find a track and set yourself up with some light weights (no more than 8 pounds!). The idea is quick rounds but focus on form. Perform quality squats with weight in the heels, core engaged, chest high, and hips down and back. Quick bicep curls should be done with elbows at your sides and posture tall and strong. Be sure your core and legs are engaged during your push ups. You want to feel those push ups through your chest–not your back and shoulders!

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