Sizzling Summer Series: Cardio Challenge

Cardio Challenge

Sizzling Summer Series: Part 6

This is it! The end of the Sizzling Summer Series (unless you sign up for the newsletter then you will receive three more workouts!). Keep this collection of workouts and try them out in a few months. See how you have improved and gained strength. And now time for your final CARDIO challenge!

Your final Sizzling Summer Series is an intense cardio challenge. Use any piece of cardio equipment you like or take a run or bike ride outside. Who doesn’t love a good sweat session to end their week?!

Cardio Challenge

The cardio challenge will allow you to play with different speeds. At the beginning of the workout (after a proper warm up), you begin with quick 30 second accelerations. Challenge yourself to push hard for those 30 seconds as you have an entire minute to recover. During recover, catch your breath and let your heart rate come back to normal. After four rounds of accelerations, hop off your machine or pause your run for some strength and core.

Next up begins the longer portions of cardio. You will slow your cadence but still challenging yourself to intensify the speed since you are only going for five minutes. Then pause again for more core work.

Round three is a bit longer so the speed may slow. Allow yourself time to build up to a decent speed that challenges your breathing and your heart rate. Hop off again for a few more core moves.

Last round is your longest round of the cardio challenge. You will be on the machine or moving for ten minutes. Find a comfortably challenging pace you can maintain for the entire duration of the round. Lastly, burn those abs with crunches.

Always warm up properly, hydrate before, during, and after exercise, and cool down with good stretches and foam rolling. Remember your times and see how you improve over one month of consistent workouts!

cardio challenge

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