Cardio Challenge

Cardio challenge: use any piece of cardio equipment for this 30 minute cardio challenge!

Cardio Challenge: A Change of Pace

If you are anything like me, you can’t stand to be on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes. The monotony kills me! But I run (minimally) or do cardio a few times a week to get my good cardiovascular training done. 

This workout–Cardio Challenge–can be used on any cardio machine. I chose to do it on the treadmill because that was the machine available, however, you can use it on a bike, elliptical, rower, anything. Thirty minutes will fly by no matter what machine you are using.

Pushes and Progressive Intervals

Be sure to warm up nice and easy to get the muscles loosened up. Stop and break if you need to stretch and take longer warm up if you need to as well. The first 20 minutes or so of the workout are longer pushes. These longer pushes will be at a semi-uncomfortable pace, but nothing so fast you need to break every 10 seconds. Think about having a conversation and you can only say about 3-4 words before taking a breath–that is the effort level you should be at during the pushes of the first part of the workout.

The Progressive Intervals portion of the workout should push the speed and intensity a little bit more. The pace is variable from person to person so don’t feel like you need to be at a full on sprint. Take the progressive intervals at your personal pace and find where you exertion matches the number on the workout. The pace should start a little bit faster than the first portion’s push pace. The time will shorten as the speed increases.

Adjust times and pace as needed and take breaks as needed! Only perform these types of workouts with a doctor’s consent if you have any health issues.


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