EMOMs and AMRAPs for the Challenge

EMOMs and AMRAPs are big acronyms in the Crossfit world. However, don’t be deterred if you aren’t part of the garage workout scene. EMOMs and AMRAPs can be utilized anywhere at any level with any equipment.

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The Whole Enchilada Workout

The Whole Enchilada

Might as well get the most out of your workout when you are short on time, right? Well this workout is the whole enchilada! You’ve got cardio, core, upper body, and lower body movements. This is a great workout to do if you are going on vacation or just simply short on time. A resistance band is a perfect piece of equipment to have for trips or at home for quick, full body workouts.

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8 Ways to Stay on Track When Life Gets CRAZY!

8 Tips to stay on track with your wellness goals

Stay on Track

Hey there, 100 degrees….it’s great to see you! NOT.

So it officially feels like summer time. It’s hotter than heck, vacations are taking place, traffic is lighter during rush hour, and those tan lines are looking good! Maybe your regular wellness routine is on a little summer vacation as well? I know mine is. It is still important to stay on track with your goals even if life gets busy or motivation to stay active and eat well is not so high as it was 4 or 5 months ago.

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