5 Essential Pieces of Equipment For Your Home Gym

Home Gym Equipment

Life gets busy. Going to the gym isn’t always an option. Don’t let that be an excuse for skipping your workout! Continue reading to find out what I believe are the 5 essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. You will never get bored with your at-home workout program if you have these 5 items at hand–and you will never have an excuse to skip your workout!

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Sizzling Summer Series: Work For the View

Sizzling Summer Series: Part 5

We are coming up on the final two workouts of the Sizzling Summer Series! (Side note: subscribers to the email list will receive an extra THREE workouts in their inbox!) Let’s get you working for that view from the top of this Sizzling Summer Series mountain. Think of this work out as a climb up to the top of a mountain. The best view is at the top and you have got to work work work for it!

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