You Against the Clock

Clock your Cardio

Cardio is not the most exciting thing to do at the gym. I’m the last person you’ll see sitting on a cardio machine for 45 minutes at a steady pace. However, getting the heart rate elevated and getting a good sweat is important to overall health and fitness. I’ve tried to find different ways to get my cardio in that don’t require minutes on end of steady state walking or stair climbing (but I will do it if I have to!)

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Lower and Upper Body Circuit: Bunz & Gunz

Lower and Upper Body Workout

Time to get back to regular workouts! I will ease back into equipment workouts–this one is a compilation of a few different bodyweight exercises plus one dumbbell movment. You will feel lower and upper body (bunz and gunz) working during this circuit. Find a set of medium dumbbells and time to get sweating! (see videos for demos)

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No Equipment Workout Challenge

No Equipment, No Problem

A fully-stocked gym isn’t always at hand. Life doesn’t always allow time for a lengthy workout everyday. Traveling is a necessity for work. I get it–working out isn’t always a priority for everyone.

I am here with a solution for you: a 4 week no equipment workout challenge! No equipment, no excuses, NO PROBLEM!

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5 Essential Pieces of Equipment For Your Home Gym

Home Gym Equipment

Life gets busy. Going to the gym isn’t always an option. Don’t let that be an excuse for skipping your workout! Continue reading to find out what I believe are the 5 essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. You will never get bored with your at-home workout program if you have these 5 items at hand–and you will never have an excuse to skip your workout!

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