8 Ways to Stay on Track When Life Gets CRAZY!

8 Tips to stay on track with your wellness goals

Stay on Track

Hey there, 100 degrees….it’s great to see you! NOT.

So it officially feels like summer time. It’s hotter than heck, vacations are taking place, traffic is lighter during rush hour, and those tan lines are looking good! Maybe your regular wellness routine is on a little summer vacation as well? I know mine is. It is still important to stay on track with your goals even if life gets busy or motivation to stay active and eat well is not so high as it was 4 or 5 months ago.

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Treading Hills

Tread Life’s Hills

Life is tough. It is full of hills to climb. But it is also full of flat road making it easy to recover from hard parts. Think of this workout as treading life’s hills. It starts off a easy, gets progressively more difficult, but the hardest part is also the shortest duration. You will work hard to get to the top of the hill so give everything you have for 1 minute at the end of each one.

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New Year Checklist Challenge

www.simmerandburn.com Checklist Challenge for simple and organized goal setting.

Checklist-ing for Success

Checklists are so fulfilling. Who doesn’t love the feeling of writing a big old check mark next to items on a to-do list?! Checklists are a perfect way to organize the day. Everyone has his or her own way of organizing, and mine is definitely checklists. You can find notecards, post-its, calendars, apps, empty napkins, around my house or car and it probably has a checklist written on it.

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