Fall Flavors: Mushroom Cauliflower Soup

all flavors: Mushroom Cauliflower Soup (dairy free, gluten free)

Fall Feels: Soup Season

The weather is FINALLY cooling down around here. And by cooling down I mean 85 degrees. Mornings and evenings are perfectly cool and that has me in the mood for soup! Fall reminds me of flavors that are warm and cozy. As the weather cools down, soup season begins, and I am a happy girl. Canned soups and pre-made soups are usually loaded with excessive ingredients and sodium. However, this mushroom cauliflower soup is creamy yet light–no dairy included in this recipe! You can just imagine yourself enjoying this creamy, earthy soup in your flannel pajamas, with fuzzy slippers, next to a roaring fire.

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Football Food: Chicken Wings!

Football Season in Full Swing

Hello! Sorry I was M.I.A. during September…I was full force in the No Equipment, No Excuses challenge on Instagram (were you?). Well, now we are into football season and I’m ready to get cooking again! I’ve got some football food in store for you: chicken wings. Football and chicken wings are just the perfect pair, agree?

Below, you will find recipes for two different chicken wings flavors and a yummy yogurt dipping sauce. It is all about simplicity with these healthy, gluten free finger foods!

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Sweet Pepper Poppers

Low Carb snack

Sweet Bell Pepper

There are so many deliciously fresh flavors this summer! I went for the sweet peach last week, and now I’m wanting some of those sweet peppers. Sweet mini peppers give the big flavor or bell pepper in a bitesized form. Fill them with your favorite flavors and you’ve got a perfect bite!

Sweet peppers
The sweetest sweet peppers from the farmers market.
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Peachy Protein Smoothie

Peachy protein smoothie

Peachy Peaches at the Farmers Market

I was walking around the farmers market the other day and I was just loving the fresh produce and goods all around me. The fresh flavors of each season are very inspiring. With it being summertime in Texas, there is no shortage of peaches at the farmers market stands.

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Summertime Chicken Salad

The lightest chicken salad recipe

Summertime Chicken Salad Recipe

Ahhhhh summertime. Isn’t it the greatest? Warm weather, longer days, backyard barbecues. Not to mention the barbecue sides! Potato chips, chicken salad, watermelon, veggie kebabs, sweet corn on the cob–yum, I love summertime cuisine. To me, summertime is enjoying time with friends, finding some downtime (mostly in the A/C in Texas), and enjoying the delicious fresh flavors of the summer months.

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