Pizza Cauliflower Tots

Pizza Cauliflower Tots to Start

It has felt SO good getting back to writing, y’all. The move was a little hectic, but we are feeling great in our new home and I’m loving a larger kitchen! I lost a little motivation to create new recipes while I was prioritizing moving and work and staying healthy and stress-free. Now I’m back with my first recipe in awhile: Pizza Cauliflower Tots!

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It’s Been Awhile!

Life Happens

Hey y’all!! I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted (almost one whole month in fact!). Life got a little hectic, as it usually does for everyone. Ya just gotta roll with it tho! So I’ll give y’all an update on what’s been going on and get myself back into posting workouts, recipes, and other fun things for you! What do YOU want to see more of on the blog?

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Sweet Potato Flax Seed Pancakes

Sunday Morning and Pancakes

There’s nothing better than Sunday morning brunch at home, enjoying hot coffee and a fresh batch of homemade pancakes. Talk about “Easy like Sunday morning”! Time slows down a bit on Sunday morning and enjoying a plate full of pancakes is the perfect way to end a peaceful weekend. If only those pancakes weren’t so carb-heavy and nutritionally-void!

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