Peachy Protein Smoothie

Peachy protein smoothie

Peachy Peaches at the Farmers Market

I was walking around the farmers market the other day and I was just loving the fresh produce and goods all around me. The fresh flavors of each season are very inspiring. With it being summertime in Texas, there is no shortage of peaches at the farmers market stands.

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Sweet Potato Flax Seed Pancakes

Sunday Morning and Pancakes

There’s nothing better than Sunday morning brunch at home, enjoying hot coffee and a fresh batch of homemade pancakes. Talk about “Easy like Sunday morning”! Time slows down a bit on Sunday morning and enjoying a plate full of pancakes is the perfect way to end a peaceful weekend. If only those pancakes weren’t so carb-heavy and nutritionally-void!

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Sweet Potato Egg Baskets

Sweet Potatoes and Eggs

The sweet potato is a beautiful thing–sweet, starchy, vitamin-packed. The egg–a deliciously savory breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) option offering a blank canvas of opportunities. Combine sweet potato and eggs and it’s a sure winner for any meal.

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