Daily Wake Up Workout

Wake Up. Workout.

How many of us jump out of bed–with or without a snooze button first–and go straight to our daily activities? Straight from bed to teeth brushing to breakfast to go-go-go. Next thing you know, it is 5p, dinner needs to be made, chores need to be done, and the day is gone without a workout.

Daily workouts are great for getting the body and blood flowing. A workout does not always mean high intensity, however. Try to get at least some light movement in during the day. Walking 20 minutes or doing 10 minutes of bodyweight exercises will energize you and get your body and brain moving during the day!

Daily Wake Up Workout

Perform this simple circuit when you get out of bed in the morning. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to wake up the body. See below for exercise descriptions.

Daily Wake Up Workout

Squats with OH reach: Squat down low and slow. As you stand up, reach your hands overhead for full body stretch

Lunge with light spinal twist: Step backward into a reverse lunge, gently bending the front and back knee, or option to keep back knee straight. As you step into the lunge, lightly twist the upper body towards the front leg. Alternate sides.

Low and slow lateral lunges: Step left foot directly sideways bending the hips and knees back while the right leg stays straight. Focus on pushing the hips back and keeping the knee above the ankle. Alternate sides.

Push ups with down dog stretch: Perform on the floor or at an incline. Perform a regular push up (see here for Standard Push Up video) and shift hips back and up while pressing heels and hands into floor. Keep the back straight and press the chest towards your thighs.

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