Luck of the (Card) Draw

Draw Your Card

Holy Moly it has been a heck of a few weeks! Work has been pretty busy and visitors have been in and out. It has been a lot of fun to have family and friends in our new home. Now I just need a nap!

Honestly, my workouts have been sporadic and less frequent than before so my focus has really been on nutrition. Maintaining high quality foods in my daily diet has kept my energy steady and my work days bearable!

Sometimes life can get busy and hectic and overwhelming. It happens. Keep moving. Keep working. A slower pace will come and you will catch your breath. Even if your card hand is looking pretty tough, draw your card and keep moving forward.

Deck of Cards Workout

The deck of cards workout is a classic. You have probably seen several versions of it or maybe you have done it yourself. I’ve added a little twist so it’s dealer’s choice as to what the exercise will be. Each suit is paired with a general exercise theme: Spades: Core, Hearts: Upper Body, Diamonds: Lower Body, Clubs: Cardio. YOU have the power to choose how intense your workout gets. Grab whatever equipment you’d like to use or get creative with bodyweight movements!

The rules: Grab a deck of cards. Lay them face down. Pick up a card and perform the movement that corresponds to the suit for the amount of reps that matches the number on the card.

For example: 8 of Hearts. Perform 8 bicep curls. King of Spades. Perform 13 leg raises.

Deck of Cards workout

Exercise Bank

Here are some exercises you can choose from if you need a little inspiration:

CORE: planks, plank jacks, crunches, bicycle crunch, leg raises, scissor kicks, full sit ups

LOWER: squats, lunges, sumo squats, glute bridges, lateral lunges

UPPER: Bicep curls, overheard press, push ups, tricep dips, chest press

CARDIO: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squat jumps, lunge jumps, scissor jacks, plank jacks, high knees, tuck jumps

YOU have the power to choose what to do with the cards you draw. YOU have the opportunity to make it as intense as you feel ready for.

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