Eat More Vegetables!

Y’all, seriously, eat more veggies. This is the simplest thing you can do to improve your nutrition. Take a second and really think about how many servings of vegetables do you eat everyday? Probably less than you think. Adults should be eating 2.5-3 CUPS of vegetables each day (see this guide for daily recommendations and what counts as a cup). Look at this fun article if you are more of a visual learner :).

Load Up on Greens

I’ve mentioned my rule of thumb before: eat vegetables with at least 2 meals a day. I have really increased my vegetable intake with this personal rule. Also, I am all about those green smoothies lately which adds a TON of greens and fiber to my days.

Eat your greens rather than drinking them or using a supplement if you have the choice. Supplements are great and green juices are so convenient, however, the fiber in whole vegetables has so much more added benefit to your system. Bonus: whole produce is a whole lot cheaper than those juices and supplements as well.

5 Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies

5 ways to eat more veggies

  1. Green Smoothies: Dark, leafy greens can be added to any smoothie (and don’t change the flavor much)! If you are feeing really adventurous (and have a high-powered blender) throw in some extra veggies. Here’s what is in my favorite smoothie recipe right now:
    My Favorite Green Smoothie
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    • 3/4 cup water
    • 1 cup raw baby spinach
    • 1/2 cup frozen apples
    • 1/4 cup frozen mango
    • 3 cucumbers
    • 3 baby carrots
    • 1 tbsp ground flax seed
    • 1 tbsp chia seeds
    • 1 tbsp lemon juice
    • 1 tsp honey


    • Place al ingredients in a blend and blend until smooth consistency!
  2. Go to your local Farmer’s Market or sign up for local produce delivery service. This is where you will find the freshest, in-season produce. If you are unsure about how to prepare the produce, speak with the vendors about the best preparation.
  3. Chop your produce as soon as you get home. Make those chopped vegetables easily accessible in the fridge. Pre-package them in snack bags for a quick, healthy, to-go option!
  4. Do a Meatless Monday (or any day of the week). One day of eating meat-free is a perfect way to focus on vegetables and plant-based proteins.
  5. Eat veggies at every meal–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add spinach to your scrambled eggs in the morning, pack a colorful salad for lunch, steam some fresh vegetables for dinner. Get creative in how you add vegetables to your plate.

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