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Up and Down

Do you every get stuck in a rut at the gym? Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over without and changes on the scale? Try something as simple as changing your exercise intensity levels while you are working out! Having the heart rate and intensity levels go up and down, down and up utilize different energy systems and work the muscles differently than a steady state workout.

I think we are all guilty of getting comfortable with a routine and fearing change. Change means unknown and unknown means uncomfortable. I’m guilty of getting comfortable with my workouts and my diet at times. Those are also the times when I stop seeing the results that I want. Are you not seeing the results you want? Maybe it’s time to change something. I don’t just mean in exercise either….

Get Uncomfortable

Time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you want to see progress, you’ve got to change something. If you want to see you body change, you need to change what you are doing for it. Life can get very comfortable at times and that usually means that progress has stalled for a bit. Are you ready to make some progress on your goals? Lose weight? Run farther? Lift heavier? Get a promotion? Get a new job? Time to get uncomfortable!

The short time of uncomfortable will lead to the changes you want to see. The intervals of higher intensity are short lived but so worth it.

Up and Down, Down and Up

Try this workout of varied intensity levels that will increase the heart rate and activate all muscle groups in the body. The intensity level will go UP as you move through the workout, but the rep count goes DOWN. Quality over quantity. Add some extra rounds to each part if you want a little extra intensity. This workout does not require equipment and can be done anywhere (no excuses!). So get up, get moving, get uncomfortable, and get results! Warm up before beginning and consult your doctor if you are unsure about performing high intensity exercises. Connect with a personal trainer or coach to review proper form if you are unsure of your form.

full body bodyweight workout

Form pointers:

Squats: weight should be on the heals and knees above ankles (not in front)

Push ups: keep your hands around your chest and your body in a straight line (no hip dips or pikes).

Lunges: step forward then drop your back knee down. You want to have 90 degrees in both knees keeping your joints lined up. Step back to return back to start.

Squat jacks: jump out to a squat, then jump feet together with straight legs. Repeat for squat jacks

Shoulder tap push ups: perform a regular push up and tap right hand to left shoulder and left hand to right shoulder at the top of each rep.

Walking lunges: keep your back straight as you perform lunges, stepping forward between each rep

Plank jacks: start in a palm or forearm plank (shoulders, hips, knees, heels in line) and jump feet wide then back together

Squat jumps: drop to the bottom of a squat then jump up off the floor, land and return to squat

Full body push up: drop all the way down to the floor, push your body up in one solid motion to the top of a push up. Keep head, shoulders, hips, knees in line.

Lunge jumps: start in a lunge, jump up and switch your feet to land in a lunge with the opposite foot forward.

Burpees: start standing, squat down and place hands on the floor, jump your feet to a plank, jump your feet back up to your hands, stand up and jump.


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