Sizzling Summer Series: With All My Heart…

timed interval workout

 Sizzling Summer Series: Part 3

You’ve made it through the week. Are you ready for your THIRD workout of the Sizzling Summer Series? Did you miss workouts one and two? Head back a few posts for an upper body workout lower body burner. I wrote this one with all my heart, so I want YOU to use all your heart when getting through this workout!

With All My Heart…

The third installment of the Sizzling Summer Series is a timed interval workout. Interval training is such a great way to get an intense workout in minimal time. You can use this template for any exercises and you will feel that burn for sure. There are three levels of intensity to choose from: equal work to rest ratio, forty second work/twenty second rest, and fifty second work/ten second rest. Give it your all during the work time. Get your heart rate elevated and your blood pumping. The movements are challenging and will require most muscles in your body. Work with all your heart and your body will thank you in the end!

Notes on a Few Movements

High knee runs: Lift those knees high as you run forward or in place. Try to get your knees above your hips. Slow to a march if you need to but try not to stop!

Skater jumps: Go for distance between jumps. Land strong on your foot when jumping side to side. Use your core to stabilize and tap the other foot behind your landing foot if necessary.

Bicycle crunch: Extend your legs and twist through the core. Think about reaching your elbow to the outside of the knee.

Burpees: modify with an incline burpee if necessary.

Perform this workout once or multiple times. Choose your intensity, set your timer, and get moving!

Interval workout


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