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Life Happens

Hey y’all!! I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted (almost one whole month in fact!). Life got a little hectic, as it usually does for everyone. Ya just gotta roll with it tho! So I’ll give y’all an update on what’s been going on and get myself back into posting workouts, recipes, and other fun things for you! What do YOU want to see more of on the blog?

An Update for You

So since I last left you with some easy ways to eat more veggies (are you eating your greens everyday?!), we’ve moved into our new house (woohoo!), I turned THIRTY (what?!), and we took a little vacation to celebrate my new decade. Oh yeah, and work and life in general still went on as usual. Needless to say, it was a busy busy month with moving, vacation–not complaining about that one, and keeping myself on a good schedule to stay healthy and not stress out.

There’s always a certain time of year that just gets insane for me! Does that happen for you? Maybe it’s more around the holidays or school beginning, or maybe it’s just ALL THE TIME. I always need to keep myself in check during those hectic times. I can let stress and life’s overwhelming nature get the best of me and then I go from 100 miles a minute to absolutely useless. When it rains it pours, though, so keeping a simple daily routine keeps my focus forward and my mind right.

Workouts and Nutrition

During the last month, I focused on quick workouts between clients and good nutrition since I was not able to maintain my regular workout schedule–and nap schedule. PRO TIP: if you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to keep up with regular workouts, do a few sets of basic bodyweight exercises to keep the blood flowing and muscles moving. Just because you can’t workout at a high intensity or for an hour a day, does NOT mean you lose all progress. When life shifts, YOU shift.

I needed to keep reminding myself to eat balanced meals with lots of good veggies and proteins. And, then I splurged a little bit on vacation, because thirty and vacation. Stock up on some good frozen vegetables, cook up or buy pre-cooked lean protein, and PLAN AHEAD! If life is starting to get hectic, plan for the crazy and keep healthy, clean, nutritious foods on hand.

Here are a few of the workouts I did during all of the busy:

Treadmill workout (hills) light upper body workout

Making Meals and Moving Boxes

We have all experienced moving and we all know it is not easy to go from one kitchen to another. First of all, everything disappears into an endless sea of moving boxes. Second of all, the kitchen routine gets thrown off and utensils and pots and pans are not in their normal places. The refrigerator gets cleared out and you move into a house with an empty fridge, freezer, and pantry. All of a sudden, my above-mentioned-eat-clean plan goes to the wayside and I just want to eat anything with calories and does not require cooking utensils.

Luckily, we were gifted with three free meals from Hello Fresh meals and I scheduled them for the Monday after we moved in to our new house. A week of meal kits for the week is a great housewarming gift! I unpacked a few basics (pots, pans, utensils) and opened up our Hello Fresh delivery to find 3 pre-measured meals including a variety of proteins (chicken, steak, pork). It was nice not having to worry about grocery shopping and menu planning when I was swimming in boxes the first week we were in the new house.

A little rundown of what we got (and how I adjusted the recipes):

  • Panko Pesto Chicken with potatoes and salad (I don’t eat pesto so I subbed one chicken breast with sun dried tomato instead of pesto sauce)
  • Lean Green Steak Machine with green succotash (I added garlic, used sweet onion instead of red, and topped succotash with parmesan cheese)
  • Pineapple Pork (I made an apple chutney instead of pineapple salsa)

Overall, the meal kit was successful and I enjoyed cooking with different flavors and proteins than I’m used to. It was the perfect way to break in our new kitchen.

Ready to Work

Now that we have settled in, I am ready to work! I am getting used to my kitchen and ready to cook up some good things for y’all. My workouts are getting back to normal so that means YOU will be getting more workouts! What else do you want to see on the blog? What are some questions you have? How can I help to motivate you? I’m ready to work and ready to have some fun!

Cheers to happy and healthy living!

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