Quotation Motivation: Just Do It

Daily Motivation

We all need a little bit of motivation to wake up to our alarm each morning. I’m definitely a Snoozer but usually only once and I typically wake up after the first alarm. It’s mostly a fear of falling back asleep and missing my early clients!

We all need that little bit of extra motivation to get us up in the morning so hopefully this new series of Quotation Motivation posts will help! Short, sweet, and to the point–these quotes are meant to inspire and light a fire. They will speak to each of us in different ways so take them and use them as you see necessary.

Just Do It.

Take Action and make things happen!“Just Do It” by Nike was probably the best ad slogan ever invented. It is so true and can be applied in so many ways. If you want to get something done, JUST DO IT. Stop thinking about it and planning it out so much that there is never any movement forward. Take the appropriate planning time and thinking time and then GO FOR IT! Action is the only way to get things done. Doing SOMETHING is always more progress than doing NOTHING.

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