Sizzling Summer Series: Legs on FIRE!

lower body workout

Sizzling Summer Series

So how was Day 1 of the Summer Sizzling Series? If you haven’t tried out the first workout, go back and get sweating! If your arms are a little tired from day one, then you will just LOVE today’s leg day! All lower body to feel like those legs are on FIRE! 

My clients know that squats are my FAVORITE exercise (push ups are a close second), so I just love leg days. This installment of the sizzling summer series includes a little bit of high intensity movement paired with some good old fashioned holds. Gotta love that burn! Get ready for some squats, lunges, calf raises, and some other FUN stuff in between…

Legs on Fire

You will sweat. The legs will burn. The heart rate will elevate. Get ready to set your legs on fire with this quick three-circuit workout. Use dumbbells for the first squat movement and you have the option to use the dumbbells for you lunge movements and calf raises. Protect your knees and line those joints up. Squat those hips down and back keeping your knees over your ankles. Lunge with a ninety degree angle in both legs. Side shuffle with your hips square in front of you. It is all about utilizing those MUSCLES!

Take the challenge, tag me on social media once you finish. Now go feel that FIRE!

lower body workout

Put That Fire Out

Be sure to properly cool down, stretch, and roll out after this one! You will probably feel some soreness for a few days so give yourself some TLC. Perform some light cardio and active recovery after the workout and the next day. Roll out and give that fascia some extra love the day after this workout. Drink plenty of water, eat good food to replenish, and enjoy some nice lower body stretches!

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