New Year Checklist Challenge Checklist Challenge for simple and organized goal setting.

Checklist-ing for Success

Checklists are so fulfilling. Who doesn’t love the feeling of writing a big old check mark next to items on a to-do list?! Checklists are a perfect way to organize the day. Everyone has his or her own way of organizing, and mine is definitely checklists. You can find notecards, post-its, calendars, apps, empty napkins, around my house or car and it probably has a checklist written on it.

Planners and writing out goals are great for keeping our thoughts organized. There are so many fancy day-planners out there now focusing on goal setting and organizing. I think my generation is so focused on success and achieving our goals we are thinking about it every single day. Each action we take everyday is leading us towards meeting our goals and finding success. Talk about goal-oriented! And perhaps it is stemming from the fact that we write it down and see it each morning. There has to be some sort of scientific research about writing goals and increased success! Somebody find that and get back to me, thanks.

Simple, Short, Visible Reminders

Dream boards and vision boards popular in goal manifestation–Think it, see it, do it. I’ve got my dream boards and the visuals are constantly in my mind. I also have my goals written down and posted on the refrigerator in the kitchen. I’m obviously going in the kitchen everyday and the refrigerator is usually the first place I go in the morning to grab water. My goals are simple, short, and visible so I only take a second or two to glance at them. They are career-oriented and stay in the back of my mind all day at work. They are my daily driving force and motivation during the work day. Best part of all: they are written on a small post-it.

That’s right–nothing fancy, nothing elaborate. A few words, a few numbers, message received. Keep your goals simple, short, and visible. Break them down and simplify the tasks. Post them somewhere you look EVERYDAY and preferable in the morning. Lastly, use as few words as possible. Find a mini-post it and keep your message on it. Maybe your goals are as simple as ONE WORD! The simpler and more visible it is, the more likely it will still in your mind. Make it the backbone of your day.

Checklist Challenge

Challenge time! Time to take a bigger look at those goals. This will help feed into your simple, visible, and short goal reminders. Let’s make a little checklist. Start at the top with your “big goals”–I’m talking goals 6-12 months down the road. Underneath each one, break down what needs to be done to fulfill each one. This may be several things or one or two things. We will call these “sub goals”. Next, make a checklist for each “sub goal”. We will call each item “success checks”. THIS is where you will get your simple, short, visible goal reminders, a.k.a. “Success Checks”, that you will post on somewhere you will see everyday. Once each “Success Check” is completed (and checked!) move on to the next one! Break it down, check it off, be successful!

Here is an example:

Big Goal: Run a marathon in the Fall

Sub Goal: Maintain weekly running schedule for 16-20 weeks prior to marathon

Success Checks: research running groups, research online training programs, get new running shoes, get new running outfit, get new water bottle belt, research proper nutrition, register for marathon, plan transportation

As you can see, the success checks are simple and short however they are all lending to a successful sub goal and big goal! Take each success check, write them down, and make them visible. Each time you complete a success check, move to the next one! Before you know it, you’ll be running that marathon!

Don’t let goal setting intimidate you. Break it down, keep it simple. Now go check things off your list!

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