Personalizing the Personal Training Experience

Tips on Personal Training

(From a Personal Trainer)

As a personal trainer, I often see February as the taper off point for resolution folks. People get frustrated with the gym routine, the inches aren’t falling off like they planned, and goals aren’t being met. 

Of course, I will always suggest meeting with a personal trainer/fitness coach to get yourself motivated! But I also understand that it can be intimidating to try and find the right trainer/training program for you. DO NOT give up and DO NOT just meet with the first available trainer. Take the time to research coaches and programs.

Use these 6 steps to finding the right personal trainer for YOU. Personal training should be just that: PERSONAL. It is an investment so be sure to find the right experience for YOU. Follow these steps to find the right trainer and training experience for you so you can get the most bang for your buck!

6 Steps to finding the right personal trainer



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