Push Up Progressions

A Variety of Push Up movements (with VIDEO!)

Push Ups Are the BEST

I love push ups. The push up is the BEST full body exercise incorporating upper, lower, core, stability, and strength into one single movement. My clients know that they will probably be doing at least 10 push ups (and squats) during every workout.

Add progressions to give your push ups more bang for your buck. Form is KEY. Work with a trainer or start with wall push ups. Strength does not exist without correct form. Keep the core tight, hips even with the shoulders, and push through the chest (not the shoulders!). Make those pecs do some work!


Here are a few different versions of push ups (including the standard push up). I always prefer that my clients do all push ups on their toes. If necessary, I will raise the incline–hands on a bench, hands on a table, hands on a railing, or hands on a wall in order to lower the intensity level. Start with modified version and progress lower and lower towards the ground.

These progressions can be added to your normal workout and become part of your morning routine. Consult a doctor or professional before starting a new workout program. Meet with a fitness specialist if you are unsure of the proper form and movement. Strength begins with proper form!!

The Standard Push Up


The Tap Back Push Up


The Knee Tuck Push Up


The Full Body Push Up

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