The Only Way to 5K

Run a 5K

It’s no secret that I do NOT like to run. And when I do run, it is because I want to stay in shape to play soccer. I wish I could be one of those runners who feels free and care free when I’m out for a jog. Instead, I’m just trying desperately to get through at least 3 miles! Podcasts are my go-to when I run because they help pass the time quicker (because I am not a particularly fast runner either).

The Only Way I 5K (on a treadmill)

This workout is usually the only way I’ll run 3 miles inside, on a treadmill. However, if you loathe running even more than I do, use a bike or an elliptical for go for a a 3 mile bike or a 3/4 mile elliptical each round. The workout is a long one BUT you can feel great knowing you finished a 5K with strength training all in one workout!

Full Body workout. Cardio and weights!


1 mile: Run at your comfortable pace or push the pace for fast miles

Alt. curl and press: 10 each side, bicep curl to shoulder press

Row to Tricep: 20 together, hinge forward at the hips with a STRAIGHT spine (engage the core), let arms hang down, pull elbows straight up around ribs, kick forearms back to engage triceps, bend, and return to start.

Cross body punches: 10 each side, stand tall with dumbbells held in front of shoulders, pivot the right foot to face left, and punch right arm across body, pivot left foot and punch with left arm across body, repeat

Push ups: incline or on the floor

Full sit ups: feet flat on the floor, back all the way to the ground, sit up to full seated position with spine completely off the ground

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