Set Your Intention

Set an intention for each day

Set Your Intention

Do you wake up each morning and set your intention for the day? Do you give yourself a few minutes to focus your thoughts and purposes for the day? Or do you smack the alarm clock (snooze for a few) and then spring out of bed to get your day moving and grooving?

I’m the first to admit that I am on auto-pilot in the morning. I shut of my alarm, get out of bed, and start getting dressed for the day. Setting an intention is easily pushed to the back burner when getting the day started. Is it something you think about in the morning? What about throughout your day?

When I was in high school, we began each class with prayer (I went to Catholic school). I’m not extremely religious but I still participated in the prayer–mostly because it was a habit that I got used to after 6 years of it. Before each prayer, our teacher would always ask for intentions–what are you praying for today? who is in your thoughts during prayer today? where do you need a little extra positivity and prayer? You could either raise your hand and voice the intention or keep it for yourself. Either way, that prayer became more than a habit once an intention was made. The pre-class time prayer had a deeper purpose. It became an active prayer rather than just memorized words.

Set Mini Intentions with Habits

Whether you pray or not, this was a great lesson that I obviously still hold with me. Intentions attached to habits make you focus on what needs to be done and where you need to take action. Move through your day with intention in your daily habits. Don’t just exercise; exercise for a purpose. Don’t just eat a meal; eat for fuel and health.

Take a step back and approach intentions a little differently. Take your daily goals or activities and set small intentions for each ones. Can you push a little further with today’s workout? Can you run a little faster for 5 minutes? Is each meal fueling you for the day’s activities? Set mini intentions for the areas in your life you are trying to encourage. Give yourself positive motivation when you are feeling tired or defeated. Approach your day with intent in all you do.

Live Intently

Live a life of intent and each day will feel like a step forward. Have your intention set in your head when you feel like something will be tough. I am not a strong runner. My intention before I run is to run the whole time, however long the distance and however slow the pace. Are you struggling to get yourself through a workout without quitting early? Set an intention to FINISH before you even start. Keep that intention with you throughout your workout. Is it a struggle to maintain a healthy diet throughout the day? Set an intention to stick with your own pre-packed food and no mindless snacking. Say that intention before each time you want to splurge on something in the vending machine.

Live intently and you will see progress each day. Set your intention for positive self-talk and motivation. It is not about the size of the intention, but the quality and effort behind it.

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