Sizzling Summer Series: Part 1

upper body and core workout

Summer Time Sizzling

Summertime and the living is easy, am I right?! The temps are sizzling but that isn’t stopping you from those great workouts and enjoying the fresh flavors of summer.

Personally, I find this is a time my motivation dips and I just want to relax by the pool and enjoy time outside. Meaning, I need to word extra hard to get through the intense workouts. I like to try different classes or programs to keep myself accountable and get new, fresh ideas. How do YOU stay motivated this time of year?

Sizzling Summer Series

I want to help with your motivation a little bit and give you a little workout series/program for the next few weeks. Follow this series for SIX new workouts. They will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mondays will focus on upper body and core, Wednesdays will tackle the lower body, and Fridays will be a combination of cardio and core.

That’s right folks, full body programming for the next TWO weeks!! Let’s see what kind of fun we can get into, shall we!?

Part 1: Light Push, Light Pull

Today we begin with upper body. This workout is broken into push and pull movements. Begin with the bodyweight movements and progress to band work. Five rounds should get your arms nice and shaky! And there is a little core in there for good measure.

Note on pull ups: If you cannot do pull ups right now, work on an assisted pull up at your gym, use a TRX for rows, or use a band for rows to substitute. Try to get the PULL movement through the back.

Note on leg raises: Try to keep your spine straight on the floor when performing leg raises. Lift the legs up and only drop them down as far as you can go without lifting your spine. Push your belly button into the floor to protect the back and engage the abdominal muscles.

Your sizzling summer series begins in 3…2…1…..GO!!

upper body and core workout

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