Treading Hills

Tread Life’s Hills

Life is tough. It is full of hills to climb. But it is also full of flat road making it easy to recover from hard parts. Think of this workout as treading life’s hills. It starts off a easy, gets progressively more difficult, but the hardest part is also the shortest duration. You will work hard to get to the top of the hill so give everything you have for 1 minute at the end of each one.

Treadmill Hills

Treadmill  life can be a bit boring. Try this varying treadmill workout to keep things a little more interesting. Part I is a small warm up followed by a moderate hill. The second circuit takes you off of the treadmill for a little bit of strength work. Part III is a tough hill that will bring you to the finish line.

Pace Yourself

Like life, this workout is not a race. pace yourself while on the treadmill. Take this workout at a walk or run pace and adjust your speed as the incline increases. The higher inclines activate the posterior chain (a group of muscles running along the backside of the body) more than a lower incline. You will feel more glutes, hamstrings, calves, and even muscles in your back.

Core muscles will be activated during the workout as well. Keep your core engaged (including your back!) to maintain strong posture. It is ok if you feel yourself leaning in slightly towards the treadmill to stabilize–especially if you are not holding on to the handles! Take a body scan every few minutes and notice what muscles are being activated–are you engaging your core? are you pulling through the back of your legs? is your chest tall and shoulders back? do you feel the difference when you use your arms for momentum? This workout is as much about strength as it is about cardio!

Always stretch and warm up before any workout and consult your doctor if you are unsure about performing intense cardiovascular activity.

Treading Hills

Treadmill workout

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