Time to Move it, Move it!

Treadmill workout!

You Like to Move It, Move it!

Don’t lie, I know you danced a little when you read that title. And then you though of the lemurs in Madagascar singing “I like to move it, move it!” because that is exactly what I did while I typed this. Man, what a great movie. Anyway, back to what you are here for…the workout! Time to get a little bit of treadmill cardio done. Let’s hop on and off the cardio (safely! let that treadmill stop!) and throw in some strength moves. Why? Because we can!

Perceived Exertion

You will notice that I typed “run at 65-70%” or 75-80% or 85-90%. This is on a scale of YOUR perceived exertion. YOU are different than EVERYONE else so only you can know what your exertion is going to be. I did say run, but you can do this as a fast walk or even a sprint. Learn how to listen to your body. If you think you can push a little more, add a little speed. If you are feeling spent within 30 seconds, take that dial down a bit. Our effort levels will change from day to day, hour to hour, year to year, even after different meals. Take notes of how you feel during each workout, retry the workout in 6-8 weeks after consistent training, and note the progress you make!

No matter where you start, you can always push yourself a little bit. Start with a walk and work up to a run; start with a run and work up to a sprint. It is all within your power to control this–and every–workout that you complete.

(Are you feeling inspired now?! 🙂 )

Time to Move It, Move It!

You will keep moving throughout this entire workout. Adjust speeds and give yourself rest time if you need it. Warm up properly (about 5 minutes of easy movement and dynamic stretching) and cool down afterward. Hydrate properly and consult your doctor if you are unsure if you can perform the activity!

Now get movin’!

Treadmill workout!

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