Twenty Minute Sweaty Circuit

Ready to Get Sweaty

Looking for a simple, full body circuit? Try this twenty minute sweaty circuit! All you need is one heavy dumbbell and your running shoes. Short , does not mean it will be easy! Get maximum burn in minimal time with short, metabolic conditioning workouts. Keep your heart rate elevated with peaks and valleys of intensity. These quick circuits are a great way to train your body to endure tougher intensity levels for longer amounts of time. YOU GOT THIS!

Here We Go…

Do this workout at home, at your gym, or at a local track. 400 meters is one full lap around a track (200m is half a lap). Just make a good educated guess about 200m if you are running in your neighborhood. I ran to the end of my street and back for 200m.

Warm up, stretch, and cool down before and after the workout. Modify movements as necessary and only perform movements you feel 100% comfortable doing. Consult your doctor before activity if you are unsure if you can perform strenuous exercise! Be┬ásafe and stay healthy, y’all!

400m run/wall warm up
Round 1: Warm up

20 squats

20 reverse lunges

10 push ups 200m run

Round 2:

20 squat to turn and press

20 single side deadlift to row

10 burpees

200m run

Round 3:

20 single side squat and press

20 halos

10 push ups to downdog

200m run

Round 4:

20 single side reverse lunge

20 press jacks

10 curl to push up

200m run

Round 5:

20 climbers

20 plank jacks

20 single side cross tucks

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