Sizzling Summer Series: Work For the View

Sizzling Summer Series: Part 5

We are coming up on the final two workouts of the Sizzling Summer Series! (Side note: subscribers to the email list will receive an extra THREE workouts in their inbox!) Let’s get you working for that view from the top of this Sizzling Summer Series mountain. Think of this work out as a climb up to the top of a mountain. The best view is at the top and you have got to work work work for it!

View From the Top

The top of the mountain is always the best view. I LOVE hiking and climbing to the top of a trail to look out over what I’ve accomplished. There are always twists and turns and tough inclines, but man oh man, is that view worth it. Some of my favorite hikes are back home in California where the air is dryer and the hikes are steeper. Where are your favorite hikes? Bucket list goal: hike through the Grand Tetons. Those views are what my dreams are made of.

Ok I’ll stop daydreaming and get back to the workout you’ve got coming for you. It is lower body intensive (think about climbing those trails and stairs as you go). The “climb” of the workout will be the reps. You have four rounds with five lower body exercises. Each round you will do 10 more reps than the previous round.

Add intensity by adding jumps or starting at a higher rep count. The challenge is your and you can decide what view you want to work for.

lower body bodyweight workout

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